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Employment and Training

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Do you want to be a Champion?
What ever your career background, if you're ambitious, determined to succeed and are looking for an exciting new direction, then talk to L.J. Hooker Hong Kong.

Don't have experience? It doesn't matter - we are interested in you. We are looking for exceptional people who are outgoing, determined and who want to be Champions!!

Personal and Business Development Because franchising is based on a uniform standard of image and practice, we ensure our Franchise Owners and their staff receive a consistently high level of training right across every country. This helps ensure the public can feel comfortable they will receive the same level of service no matter which L.J. Hooker Office they choose to do business with.
Our Personal & Business Development programs are developed by professional educators considered the best, as they have Real Estate, Educational and technical qualifications and experience.

For the vast majority of the general population, our salespeople and Franchise Owners ARE L.J. Hooker. As a result, these salespeople need to be thoroughly trained in our philosophy of selling.

Our whole industry is a selling industry - Property Investment Managers sell every day of the week as well as salespeople and it is as important for them to be educated in the skills of selling as it is for the sales people in the office.

Our business is built on creating an environment where customers will want to come back to us for tomorrow's sales, as well as dealing with us today.

There are a great number of Courses to choose from and all Courses are constantly under review to reflect changing trends in the market place.

If you are ambitious, prepared to work hard, learn and are interested in more than just a career, please contact L.J. Hooker Hong Kong on +852 2869 8822 or alternatively send an email to Lena Choi, lenachoi@ljhooker.com.hk.

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