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Achieve the Lifestyle you desire!

A message from our Acting Managing Director, 
Alan Lambert

We have all heard the phrase "work smarter not harder"; and at L.J. Hooker we have developed a System that makes this approach a reality for our 700 offices worldwide.


We believe as a franchisor we have the role of helping our franchise owners succeed, not only in their business but also in all their life goals - time for family, health, study or any other interest. It is important for people to lead well-rounded and happy lives, but for many business owners their whole life is taken up with the stress of making a success of their business.

The L.J. Hooker System can all but run your business for you. Used at it's full capacity it will save you time in every aspect sales, property management, finance and administration therefore making your business more successful.
The System is based on a three pronged structure incorporating business support, an innovative marketing mix and personal and business development. Through this mix our franchise owners become well rounded in all aspects of good business, effective marketing and last but not least, professional real estate agency.

As winner of the prestigious Australian and New Zealand Franchisor of the Year Award, L.J. Hooker's franchising offer and franchise team have been recognised as the very best throughout Australia and New Zealand.

This introduction to you as a prospective franchise owner would not be complete unless I took some time to mention the concept of the L.J. Hooker Family. Together everyone involved with L.J. Hooker is part of the L.J. Hooker Family. I don't use the term 'Family' lightly - it is an emotive word, a word that evokes images of support, closeness and networks. These are all elements of our group and although we cannot capture them in a computer program or put them in a franchise agreement, our L.J. Hooker Family is an equally important part of our franchise offer.

As a Family we work together - not in isolation. Through such avenues as our Personal Business Development Programmes, our Franchise Office Support Programme and Operational Structure our franchise owners are able to participate in the overall direction of the group.

I recommend the L.J. Hooker System and franchise team to you and invite you to talk to us about joining L.J. Hooker and going forward together towards further success for your business.

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