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The Hong Kong Story

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L.J. Hooker started operation in Hong Kong in 1998. Chief Principal Martin Soo and Vice-principal Lena Choi were instrumental in developing L.J. Hooker Hong Kong, working at the Operations Centre before opening the Caine Road Branch and the Happy Valley Branch in 1999 and 2003 respectively.

The Caine Road Branch is situated in a high profile residential district of Hong Kong, the Mid-levels. The Happy Valley Branch is located in a prime residential district of Hong Kong mainly populated by local celebrities and expatriates. Both branches specialise in the sale and leasing of residential properties in leading property locations on the Hong Kong Island, covering Central, Eastern and Western Mid-levels, the Peak, Happy Valley, Tai Hang and the South Island districts. They also service commercial properties on the Hong Kong Island and provide advisory services to developers and major property owners on current market rental information.

Their use of specialised L.J. Hooker marketing tools and their international and corporate links have allowed them to develop a strong market share ahead of their key competitors.

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